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Il Mio Elemento

Il Mio Elemento

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This is where the magic and dreams come together ... this is the place where the logic is confused ... this is the place where the heart is carried away ... this is the place that you would not want to leave ...
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Fairies of Avalon

A legend tells that in a long time ago, the Sun lived alone in his golden palace, beyond the horizon. Every morning upon awakening, the sun rising in his chariot pulled by winged horses, and went to go around the earth. At night, when he returned to bed, only to illuminate the sky the stars stayed.A day like any other, the sun rose on the bandwagon and began his walk. His eyes stopped first, on the summits of mountains, streams and the birds waking up, and then on the trees and flowers, his smile warmed the waters of the ocean and gave energy to the whole earth.But that day, past a forest, his eyes, he could not stop the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. Sun immediately fell in love with her and asked her to become his wife. Moon, that was the name of the girl, he accepted with joy, because in his heart kept his love for Sun long ago. His only worry was to leave his old parents alone.With love Sole assured her that every day he brought them from her, and often would go to visit them. The Marriage of the Sun and Moon became extremely angered the God of the Underworld, who have long thought of marrying his daughter to the Sun so he decided to take revenge.One evening, after sunset, the king of the underworld came to Luna's parents' house disguised as a servant of the Sun, telling them that the moon was very ill and needed their help. The two, despite the darkness and got ready went straight for the castle of the Sun but the starlight was not enough to light their fire, and so soon lost in the woods.The King of the Underworld, then went to the moon to report that his parents were lost, and that there was no other way of helping to illuminate their way. Luna took a torch to the castle of the Sun, but its light was weak and did not reach the parents, then the King of the Underworld, he proposed to use his chariot with winged horses, to climb up into the sky and illuminate the road.Luna did not know that once started the wagon, would not stop until he had made the full circle of the earth, and that the horses could not fly with the sunlight. So he agreed to get on the wagon.The light of his torch, his parents helped him find his way, but when he tried to stop the horses and return to the home of his beloved Sun, knew the truth. She cried desperately, and a tear fell from her beautiful eyes, to rest gently on the petal of a flower.The next morning when he awoke, the sun tried desperately loved her, but did not find it anywhere. His eyes fell on the flower with tears of the moon, a ray touched the tear kissing, and this kiss was born the Queen of Avalon.Every night the moon takes up the wagon with the hope of returning home in the sun before his awakening, and every morning her tears falling on the flowers. Moments later, a ray of sunshine kisses, and a fairy is born of Avalon ... or so say the legends.

 the secret of happiness
This story tells of a poor orphan who had neither family nor someone who loved him.
One day, feeling particularly sad and alone, he walked through the woods and saw a beautiful butterfly trapped in a bush. The more the butterfly struggled to gain freedom and more thorns stuck in his frail body. The young orphan was able to gently release it.Instead of flying away, the butterfly turned into a beautiful fairy. The girl rubbed her eyes because she thought she had had a hallucination. "To reward you for your extraordinary kindness," said the good fairy, "I will grant your every wish." The girl paused to think, then said: "I want to be happy." The fairy replied: "Very well." He bent over her and whispered something in his ear. Then svanì.La girl, now grown up, looked as happy as anyone else on earth. All they asked her the secret of his happiness. But she only smiled and replied: "The secret of my happiness lies in having listened to a good fairy when I was little." Then he became old and when he was at death's door the neighbors gathered around, fearing that the secret of happiness vanished with her. "Please," Please, "Reveal what you said the good fairy." The gracious old lady smiled and said, "I said all that, as sure of themselves, and no matter whether young or old, rich or poor , they need me. "

 Fairies Of The Elements

Fairies are in harmony with the elements of nature. The very nature of the fairies is derived from the elements from which they draw their faculties and character traits. Hence, for each of the four elements (Air, Water, Earth and Fire), the main features of the fairies.

Fairies Of The Air

All you that are linked to this element have wings, often taking the form of butterflies or birds. They have the task of producing the most gentle breeze from the most violent hurricane. They are intellectually very versatile and love creative people and often give them inspiration.
The fairies of the air are the most ethereal of all, almost evanescent. They protect the freedom of thought, intelligence and individuality. You are traveling a lot, curious and very friendly. You are the protectors of children and those they love helping people in difficulty. Also work with the water to which you are intimately linked. The most important air you are: Sylphs and Comeles.
The zodiac signs attached to this element are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

The Water Fairies
Water, an element of regeneration and purification, is the basis of many myths that the protagonist of the origin of life.The water fairies live in the waters of rivers and springs, clear lakes and deep seas. They are delicate in appearance, but some are the strongest among the fairies. They are definitely beautiful. They know the secrets of the human unconscious and are able to read the thoughts of men. Protect life and people with esoteric powers.The most important water fairies are: the Nymphs and Ondine.The zodiac signs attached to this element are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

The Fairies Of The Earth 
Represent the strength and nature. They reside between the rocks, in caves and in the depths of terreno.Lavorano to maintain the physical structure of the soil. Their close relationship to the land and its metals allows them to give you gold and precious metals to make uomini.Le of the earth are among the most varied because they understand the fairies of the flowers, trees, rocks and caves. The fairies of the land difficult to leave their own territories. They protect the fertility and the earth do famiglia.Le most important are: the Dryads and Hamadryads.The signs of the zodiac associated with this element are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

The fairies of the fire

The focus has always been an object of worship and to him are attributed magical properties. During themagical rites, in the equinoxes and solstices were lit in the fireplaces in the woods and dancing around the fire. Fire is a natural phenomena which are associated with fairy. The fairies of the fire are changing in natureand may become hostile if they are offended. They live in a fire, a spark, a flash. They appear as sparks, or small balls of fire and are able to change their size to their liking. They live near a heat source, by the dim light of a candle up to the most active volcanoes. Manifest themselves through the light, you are in fact thoseshiny. They protect the passions, loves and strong will to live. The stronger and more energy to do all fourelements are undoubtedly the flames, belonging to this type of course. Without them, the fire could not exist,is in fact their action giving rise to the small spark that gives birth to the fire. The most important you have the fire: the flames and Salamandre.I zodiac signs associated with this item are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

Fairies Of The Night

When the night with its darkness covers the earth and the stars are like millions of diamonds in the sky, in the silence of that moment, the fairies of the night emerge from the fantasy world .. The magic is released with a light in the moon dust that comes out of their beautiful wings and their body. Only in the quiet of the night can listen to people's hearts, their fantasies, their dreams, their doubts and thoughts .. So with their magic, fairies can fulfill their desires. 

The fairyland

The fairy kingdoms are difficult, but most are a few people who have or have had the privilege of seeing the creatures that motivate them during certain special nights when the full moon illuminates the twilight with a golden light is easier to see the places inhabited by fate.Se you look closely, you can see in the dark of night shine myriads of twinkling lights.Do not be afraid ... are the fairies who dance to the Moon The charming Kingdoms where the fairies live have always been sought by all men and all peoples. For many centuries it was believed that the mysterious land of the Fairies is located in a geographical reality, with the power to move according to the wishes of the Welsh abitanti.I, thought it was located north of their mountainous land, and later in the mysterious western peninsula of Pembrokeshire, inaccessible and hidden from the fog. Later, they placed in the channel island of San Giorgio, where it is said was sometimes escorted by sailors for centuries have been reported in the stories of those who landed there and never returned. The Irish called Hy Breasail the island ghost in their opinion, was in ovest.Mentre the Britons claimed that the island was fantastic the Isle of Man, a very rich source of islands inhabited by fairies elfiche.Le traditions are not, however, all the same: some of them float on the water, others are hidden below the surface, others appear only once every seven years.The 'magical island of all is, without doubt, one of Avalon. Here, the legendary King Arthur was mortally wounded brought for treatment by four fairy queens. Still it is believed that the king lying still, with his knights, in the heart of an imaginary hill, plunged into a deep sleep from which you wake up in time of need to manage its lands. A legend tells of a submerged city in one of the many lakes of Wales, some saw the towers and battlements below the water surface, and they heard
a bell tolling. It seems that the city is inhabited by Gwragedd Annwn (Gwrageth anoon), Take Welsh reign over the waters, beautiful Lake Maidens who sometimes can marry a mortale.Un time, all the first year, in a lake in Wales , opened a door on a roccia.Era the secret passage to get to an island in the middle the lake. Here there was a garden inhabited by the fairies that Gwragged Annwn, visitors and showed their wonderful secrets and invited them to stay, but woe to remove anything from the island. One day a guest of the magic garden pocketed a flower that had been offered. But when the man leaned back foot in the ground "desecrated" the flower faded and he fell unconscious. And from that day the door remained firmly closed. 

The source of oblivion
It is said that with the end of summer when the shepherds left the valley Vajolètt, witches come down to the grassy plain of Ciampedìe, which wove their dances in the moonlight. A young Monzon, named Gordo, was curious to see them dance. When they left the valley, he hid in a Tobit (barn) waiting. After midnight the witches came out of countless horrible aspect; Striona between them, their leader, who soon saw him in here-there 'a man! out now - Gordo stood motionless-open or afraid to go down the chimney! - trembling, he went out, and mocked him, threw him a mustache, then danced around him wildly. Striona then addressed him-who and 'your queen? - He did not understand-if you do not understand it means that you do not have a queen! I pick one and soon! put this crown on the head of the one you like best. You will have to serve faithfully and through him you will be admitted to our society-and gave him a crown of thorns. He could not decide because it seemed to him an uglier than the other, so the witches went on a rampage: the insulted and beaten, then tied him to a tree in his hand even with the crown-of a year from now you will choose your queen ! - The days went by and no one came to release him because the shepherds were already down to the valley. He did not feel hungry or cold, but gradually the body stiffen, the resin covered it ... by the following spring he lived the life of the tree and no one would have imagined that there was a man there. The witch had enchanted! The pastors spoke of his death, but gave him up for dead. Only the small Vinella, a girl with a face pitted by smallpox, which was the shepherdess, would not persuade himself that he could be saved. One night he woke up feeling mournful cries of the frightened and went to wake up an old woman who lived in yells malga.-these are the Bael, the concert of the witches! Mugoni are on and shout down the valley. In the nights of full moon seem crazy, screaming until the moon disappears behind the Creppes de Davo, then throw the wheel of fire that ends on the tips of rock above Ciampedìe, where scattering burning smell of burning ... these ridges are called zigolades (scorched ) ... try to sleep, which must be in the past-midnight throughout the summer Vinella thought that he should ask directly to the witches Gordo something, but dared not. He looked fly Gaiole (jays) are sigh-intelligent birds, and see many things, surely they would know tell me where 'Gordo! - One night one of the shepherds came with a bag of pine nuts and poured it on the table because each one could take, and all wanted to know how did he find so many and he said that he had often seen flying around Gaiole in a pine tree and had discovered a crack where it was their winter supplies. Vinella felt pity for those poor animals, but laughed so much to offend. At the end of the evening, when everyone had gone to sleep, the shepherd who had brought the bag back to her-not to be angry with me. well take all the remaining pine nuts, you'll give them to the morning-Vinella reported the pine nuts to crack, and a magpie once spoke to a human voice-thank you and you will be rewarded: Take 3 pine nuts. If one day you'll want to know some secret that the mountains hide and ignore the men and watch them put them into left hand drive. I will come and explain what you want-and used them a few days went by, telling the story of Jay-Gordo heard the story of an owl flying with witches. Gordo is visidàja (apparent death). To awaken we must bring him a trosilla, a white rhododendron that grows behind the solitary Nèjgre Doors (Black Door) peaks of Vaiolon-then told how to find the tree that was tied Gordo and taught her the magic words to break the spell -Gordo is your boyfriend? - he asked finally. The girl blushed denied, saying she was sorry only that he was at the mercy of the witches-you struggle a lot. He lived with a round (aunt) witch, along with the witches of the mountains! - When Vinella Gajole and greeted the young man went to work. He found the flower, he found the tree and uttered the spell-xide, Burt strìes! - (Street, ugly witches) the tree split and came out Gordo. We performed the anniversary of the spell, and before he had time to notice Vinella, put the crown on his head-that's my queen! - She was so surprised that he escaped. At home everyone greeted with exclamations of surprise because his face had become smooth and beautiful, but the thorns of the crown had become gold-you engaged to a prince? is the most beautiful zendalina (bridal wreath) ever! who gave it to you? - Vinella told what had happened and congratulated. Gordo immobility after so much walking was slow and tired, but came home dela aunt. He told her he had crowned Vinella and aunt was angry-I chose a young widow as his wife Perra. It has a beautiful mess (farm) and his Centula (encircled silver wedding) worth as much as 3 cows, do not choose a shepherdess mica disfigured!?! - The morning after her aunt pushed him out the door ordering him to go to Perra, but He went and got engaged to Sojàl Vinella. In return he told his aunt that he was no longer Vinella disfigured and had become the crown of gold-watched by her, because he is clever, he seems to have relations with the witches! The golden crown is an illusion: Get it to show and teach you to pronounce the formula, with which they cancel the spells, then you'll see! - Taught him a formula that destroyed the golden witch, so he returned the crown of thorns , Vinella and was desolate and Gordo went. She trusted her aunt and, despite suffering for Vinella, ended up breaking off the engagement and turn his attentions to the widow of Perra. Vinella became desperate, and when a poor woman knocked to ask for alms, saying he would accept anything, even with no value to others, gave her a crown of thorns. The girl wanted to be alone and walked into the woods. There he met the friend with whom you Gajole vented. -T 'I said you had to fight. You won the witches of the mountain, which is no longer on Ciampedìe venture, but the witches of the valley are more clever. Gordo believes what he says and runs to meet his ruin! You might just save your conducendono birthplace. You're not Sojàl as you think. You were the daughter of a Vivan (women who know the future of the woods) of the peaks of Larsec. A spirit of the water in the waves dragged your mother and you were fished from the lumberjacks that makes you to be his stepfather. You are the Larsec! - Vinella said he wanted to remain where he had always lived in Sojàl-and this is your misfortune! Having no home does not have a strength, not be able to free up Gordo. Can I give you one advice. On Pala de Jacia flows of the Fonteno omblìa (source of oblivion), who drinks it forgets the past and start a new life-led through the mountains. There were in the most uncomfortable of the steps that were explained by the Dwarves for Vivan buildings, for a lost bet. Just below the crest flowed a thin vein of fresh water. How Vinella drank looked around dreamily. He came back only through the guidance of the jay. the country met the foster mother who rushed to embrace it-I have looked everywhere, Vinella - but she did not recognize anyone. He had to learn every job all over again, like a child. Gordo knew it was crazy and told her aunt. -Is better than us! must have been drinking at the source of oblivion, he begins a new life and did not even dream of you! - Gordo asked the source and aunt told him that was at the Pala de Jacia. Finally, spurred him to ask the hand of the widow and, realizing that she did not want him, gave him a magic potion that made the man for 13 days without a will in the face of a woman. Before going to sleep Gordo met an old woman who asked him to buy something. He gave her a penny and went to the room with the object of her since. With astonishment he realized that it was his crown! He put it on the window and went to bed, but woke in the night to noises and saw an owl rubbed his beak on the bars of the railing. "Is a iranumìna" (a sign of spirits) thought, and here the crown began to run up and down as if carried by a thousand spiders. Gordo is so frightened that she ran into the bed and did not dare look up in the morning. The next day, going out, talking and the meadows met Vinella realized that I really do not recognize. He had courage to go home, so 'every day he came back to meet her long to fall in love and talking about marriage. However, when Gordo came from angry parents shouted back and could not help but escape, taking refuge in a hut. The day after he met on the road-Vinella Still, men will tend Sojal lurking! They say you're a magician, you make my head spin to the girls and you gave me a crown of gold which is now haunted, now sticks ... although I do not know any of that ... wanted to tell me more, but I will not listen-Gordo said he could not remember why he had been drinking at the source of oblivion. -Everybody tells me so ... if it were true that I drank it too, so you would not be more pensive and thoughtful! - Even Gordo would have liked and learned from his aunt the area in which it was decided to go there. They drank together and forgot the past life of enchantment. Pleased the ascent continued, entering the upper valley of Larsec. Everything was in bloom and there was a great silence in the air warm, high peaks and blue sky. They were happy. Finally, the women met by green dresses: of Vivan. When they saw Vinella recognized her and ran to greet her, filling her with loving words and caresses-the daughter of poor Doreda kidnapped by the Spirit! finally you're back! - wanted to be told of his life, but she only knew that Gordo was her boyfriend and nothing else, so they knew that he had been drinking at the spring and brought them to live with them, among the jagged rocks called Scalirèc, where they lived .Time after Gordo's aunt went to the parents of Vinella, asking his nephew. No one knew where they were, so they simply return the crown of thorns, because every night ran his house like a spider. One evening the two adoptive parents met with Vivan, who spoke to them-Vinella greets you and thanks for what has been done, but can not return. Tonight I put the crown on the table, it becomes gold and gold will remain forever, so you will be catered for old-Gordo and remained in the mountains of Larsec Vinella. Occasionally a deer hunter could see them while sitting in the sun, looked happy in the valley air. No news ever came to men.

The legends of the Italian Dolomites

King Laurin and his rose garden

One of the most fascinating legends of the Dolomites, explains why these mountains turn pink at sunset. According to legend, the rose garden, where today you can see up to spring a big patch of snow encased in a sort of basin, settling once the rose garden of King Laurin. That's why it is called in German the Rosengarten Rosengarten, ie the rose garden. Re Laurino ruled over a nation of dwarfs who dug into the bowels of the mountain in search of crystals, silver and gold and also had two magic weapons: a belt that gave him a force equal to that of 12 men and a hood that made him invisible. One day the King of the Adige decided to marry the beautiful daughter Similde and so he invited all the nobles of the district in a tournament in May, all but King Laurin. He decided to attend anyway, but as an invisible guest. When the jousting field was able to see Similde, struck with her beauty, he fell in love instantly, loaded atop his horse and fled. The fighters immediately rushed in pursuit to bring back Similde, lining up in front of the rose garden. Re Laurino then put on the belt, which gave him the strength of twelve men, and threw himself into the struggle. When he realized that though he was about to succumb, put the hood and started jumping around in the garden persuaded not to be seen. But the Knights were able to locate it by observing the movement of roses under which Laurino was trying to hide. They seized him, cut his magic belt and imprisoned him. Laurino, irritated by the ill fate, he turned to the Rosengarten who betrayed him and gave him a curse, either day or night, no human eye could have been more admired. But Laurin forgot the sunrise and sunset, and so from then on the Rosengarten, in these parts of the day turns pink showing the beautiful rose garden.

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